BeeTV – Highlight Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows With Its New Features

BeeTV has just been released in the market by Beekeepers Entertainment. The newly launched program offers a simple to operate interface that is very easy to understand. It allows you to easily stream thousands of live channels to your mobile devices and gives you the option to watch them any time you want. This innovative application was developed by Beekeepers Entertainment which has an exclusive license to provide this service on the Android platform. BeeTV is also one of the best streaming program available for Android powered phones after the recent shutdown of SkyTV.

Apart from the feature that makes it so successful, BeeTV offers many benefits to the android devices such as an innovative remote control. You don’t need to make any user account for the television streaming service; you can simply use your regular user account. BeeTV uses the special search feature in their app, and retrieve the popular television or movies from different third-party sites and deliver the live streaming to your device. The only thing you need to do is to connect your android devices to the internet using a high speed internet connection such as wi-fi, cable or DSL. With the help of the BeeTV apk you can access the services without paying anything at all.

You can also manage your watched TV series and episodes through the integrated “My Shows” and “What’s On” widgets. With these widgets you can browse and control your shows and episodes right from your Android device. The BeeTV website is supported by over 15 different language versions which are also available in several languages. You can easily change the language setting using the same interface as you used on your laptop or PC. In addition, if you are travelling outside your country, you can still enjoy the TV show streams in your own language.

Other important features offered in the BeeTV include the Live Search and the Add Channel feature. Live search lets you browse through the popular tv series and choose the one that you want to watch. By adding channels you can easily stream the show directly from your android devices. This is a very handy way of enjoying your favorite shows and it can be executed even while you are travelling.

The application supports the feature of Auto Play. The Auto Play function enables you to start watching a show without having to manually open the app. The BeeTV software will auto play the show based on the time you set for it. For example, if you want to watch the new episode of your favorite show at 9PM, you just set the time you want to be ready to watch it will start immediately. Another feature offered in the beetv apk is the channel add-on library.

The channel add-on library feature allows you to search for the different channels by category. You can also search for specific channels and filter the list to view the latest news and current TV shows based on the type of channel. In addition to these features, the Android mobile app offers live tweets of the top news stories from around the world. Apart from the US and UK, the application supports several other countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Brazil, India, Russia, Indonesia, Netherlands and Australia. If you do not have an account with BeeTV yet, you can easily get one by downloading the free version of the BeetVapk ad-free on Google play or Apple store.

The content available in the betv app is always up to date. They stream over 15 million movies and television series from all across the globe. The list of channels and movies that are provided by the application includes the top movie channels in the US and UK including Showtime, Starz, FSN, Cinemax, Telecharge, Canal+, Sky Digital, VH1, Freeview and many more. The list of movies that are provided by BeeTV is constantly being updated so you can always update your list of favorite movies. In addition to this, you can also stream live sports, news, weather, games, TV show episodes, kids TV show episodes, children’s cartoons, and a lot more.

To sum it up, the application offers you a great entertainment experience through its innovative features. If you want to know more about the features offered by BeeTV, you can visit the official website at the link below. After you download the betevy mobile app and register with your email address, you will be ready to enjoy watching movies and TV shows anytime you want.

BeeTV APK latest version 2021

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