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Bloody Bastards iPhone App Review

Bloody Bastards is an exciting and engaging title in the genre of fantasy fighting and action games launched and developed by the Tibith Publishing group. This is a free-to-download physics-based tactical combat game where you wage war against your brutal bastard brothers in fantasy-themed environments. With a unique mixture of first-person shooter gameplay, top-down shooting and pixel art, Bloody Bastards gives players an unparalleled action gaming experience unlike any other. Take a seat, take a fight – battle against your bitter enemies with the addictive game mode ” Bloody Bastards”.

If you want to play a game that has a good dose of action mixed with RPG elements, you would definitely love Bloody Bastards. The game provides a good dose of intense fighting with its first person perspective and physics-based fighting games. The storyline revolves around a group of British terrorists who are charged with killing King Richard III. However, instead of Richard’s defeat, his troops turn out to be the ones who rout out the British forces.

Now that you have cleared your name for murder, it is now time to put up a front. Your only support thus far has been your brotherhood of fighting men whom you have gathered in order to take down King Richard III’s rule. To do so, you need to enlist the help of a number of technologically advanced weapons such as swords and bows in order to battle your way through the battlefields. The developers of Bloody Bastards have crafted a game in such a way that it incorporates a fast-paced but gratifying element. You are constantly whisked away from the reality by the game’s narrative thus making the player constantly curious about how the whole story will progress.

The main hero of the Bloody Bastards mod is named Bloody Valentine. Unlike the other heroes before him, Valentine is unique among all heroes in that he has the ability to level up while using just one hit point. If you want to level up faster, focus on ranged combat by using archery and bows. By spending more time level up, Bloody Valentine can transform into the powerful “Bastard King.” With the power of the undead and the blood of the oppressor, your fighting will be more devastating as you take on the role of a medieval king during the war.

The game contains many interactive features such as the ability to create Bloody Bastards with a simple click. To add to that, the game also allows players to use two different types of camera views: first person view for fixed camera angles, and third person view for camera angles that are dynamic. This gives the player the opportunity to get more angles for their attacks as well as camera interaction. With the use of two dashes, it is possible to dodge attacks that can really hurt you, like the ones coming from behind.

A major part of playing a medieval fighting game is having the right equipment to aid you in your fight. In Bloody Bastards, this aspect is really taken to the next level. With hundreds of different weapons to choose from, players can choose a weapon that best fits their fighting style and personality. There are shields as well as protective clothes and armor to protect you from harm as you defend yourself against the opponents.

There is also a leveling system in this fighting game. As you fight other players, they are killed and then their statistics are recorded. You can see how skilled they are, how many wins and losses they have had, and if they have improved or not through practice. Every time you level up in the game, you unlock new weapons and clothing for you to wear. These clothing include better armor and shields, which makes the game much more realistic and exciting. You are even able to customize your fighting suit depending on what type of fighter you wish to be.

If you are looking for a fighting game that is challenging enough, but still easy to learn and play, then Bloody Bastards is the right game for you. The game is available in English and Spanish, so you do not need to worry about other languages at all. If you want to know how good the game is and if it is worth downloading, check out my blog where I review the downloadable version and the iPhone version. If you like my blog, you can follow me on twitter as well. I am currently working on a guide for PC gamers!

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