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CCleaner Pro – A Free Android Utility

CCleaner Pro is an excellent registry cleaner for optimizing your Android phones. Many users have asked me if there’s a way to get CCleaner Pro for free. Well, this article can help you answer that question.

CCleaner Pro, otherwise known as CCleaner Android is a registry cleaner designed to optimize and repair your android phone. The interface is very user friendly and there are no complicated options to be selected. Let us see what get inside the free pro version of CCleaner. Full registry scan. Browser and system monitoring.

The free download cleaner pro version comes with a lot of other useful features such as: CPU and Memory scanner, Web browser and System monitoring tools. One click scanning. System and browser restoration. Never forget to clean once again!

As a new user of CCleaner I was very excited about the one click optimizer. I used the CCleaner Fix Pro app to test the optimizer and to know what other features it had. I felt happy that all the features were available in this free version. I am now using CCleaner occasionally for routine cleaning and optimization of my mobile device. I believe that this app is really efficient.

Apart from simple optimizer and cleaner apps I also like to use apps such as CCleaner Backup Pro and CCleaner Blocker to optimize and repair my device. These apps help me optimize the device and perform other tasks that help me in keeping my device clean. They make the user interface more convenient.

CCleaner has so many advantages over other similar apps. For example, CCleaner has a backup/restore feature which is useful for restoring your old data. It also comes with an effective spyware blocking feature. Moreover, the spyware blocker prevents the unwanted pop ups that prevent you from optimizing your PC.

I also like the built-in browser history cleaner app that helps me clean my browsing history easily. The CCleaner app does a great job in removing junk files and removing cookies. It also does a good job in deleting all the unused start up programs that clog up your computer’s memory. When it comes to removing the unused start up programs CCleaner Pro does a great job.

CCleaner has a lot of other features as well. For example it has a CCleaner exporter that allows you to import videos and music that you have deleted from your hard drive. CCleaner also comes with a backup utility and a junk file remover. With all these features I do not see why anyone can find a better utility than CCleaner Pro. It is the perfect CCleaner.

The only problem I found with CCleaner Pro is that it is not compatible with rooted and treasured android devices. You can use CCleaner Pro to clean up your phone and remove all the unnecessary junk but on rooted and treasured android devices it will not work at all. So if you are planning to buy CCleaner Pro you will have to look for another CCleaner. The reason for this is that ccleaner is not compatible with android devices and because of this the company have designed an entirely different program called “CCleaner HD”. If you are going to search for another CCleaner Pro reviews you will not be able to find any that mention or recommend CCleaner HD.

When it comes to battery life I do not think that CCleaner Pro can compete with other registry cleaners. On my android device it took several hours for CCleaner Pro to complete its task. This means that it will take you a lot of time just to clean up the junk and system files from your device. In my opinion this is one of the reasons why people prefer to use the built in apps from android manufacturer instead of using CCleaner Pro.

The good news is that there is another CCleaner Pro version available that is available directly via the google play store. This new CCleaner Pro has been designed by professional developers who have spent several days testing it on many different android devices. Unlike the free version this pro version has a lot more features that improve your system performance dramatically. Apart from cleaning up your computer and removing the junk and duplicate files you can also use CCleaner Pro as a system optimizer. With the system optimizer feature of CCleaner Pro you will be able to clean up your device without affecting the performance of your apps. This system optimizer feature will also allow you to change the settings of your device according to your current hardware and software configuration.

In conclusion, CCleaner Pro has many features that will help to speed up your device and to reduce battery usage. The only thing that you need to make sure of is to download CCleaner Pro from the Google Play Store instead of the free version. I am glad that Google has made an effective product that will easily eliminate all the junk that is clogging your computer and reducing battery life. If you want to get rid of all the garbage on your android devices now, please check out this product.

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