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CSR Racing 2 Mod Gameplay – Download the Android Version

CSR Racing 2 puts the trademark silliness of the Max & Cole product onto the PSP. If you enjoyed the original, you’ll love this version as it’s been enhanced and cleaned up to bring you the best on the market. With the awesome new drag racing environments featured in the game, you’ll definitely get the adrenaline rush each time you play.

CSR Racing 2 puts the final chapter to the highly popular drag-racing craze of the eighties! Putting a new spin on the old formula, CSR2 gives you the chance to take on new and improved opponents in an all new race against time. Play against five different opponents, each one using a brand new set of trucks, buggies and jets. Each stage takes up only a small amount of time so even if you don’t have hours to kill, you can still participate in this addictive game and win the money you need.

CSR Racing 2 is all about real-time racing, where you earn money by winning challenges and earning rewards for your crew members. Earn enough credits and you can buy some expensive cars and trucks, or simply save them for later. Playing in this mode is all about the competition: once you’ve won a challenge, be sure to send some of your crew members there to try to steal the win! In crew battles, there are three teams who must fight it out with you for the ownership of the real-time racing trucks and crossovers. The winning team is the one who gets the most cash and the most trucks, without breaking any rules.

When playing in the single player campaign mode in CSR Racing 2, the challenge is far from easy. You have to win every race available, even if that means taking an alternate path through the opponents’ tracks. This mode offers you the same challenge as in the multiplayer mode, except you don’t have any friends to help you out. Time of day changes constantly, and the race becomes harder as you go on – you can also choose to play with a pre-set time limit, which is good if you’re a real racer by heart. Playing against the computer takes you down a more serious road than racing against friends, since the track layout is preset and you will know exactly where you’re going unless you’re a pro.

If you like the idea of playing CSR Racing 2 with the thought of getting unlimited keys for every car in the game, then you have to check out the Car Modding Pack. With the pack, you can change not only the look of the cars, but also their stats, sounds, behaviours, damage and more. Not only do you get unlimited keys for every single car, you also get the chance to design the body kit of each of them.

To enjoy the full benefits of the Car Modding pack, you need to install the official Google Android app. Even though there are a number of car modifying apps available for iPhone and other mobile devices, Google’s version is the most recommended. Not only does it work flawlessly on the tablets, but it also works perfectly on the phones. You can select the cars that you wish to customize, and have them ready for customization when you open the app. From there, you can start modifying the cars by adding a new paint job or a new body style.

One more feature in CSR Racing 2 that might interest you is the addition of a tutorial mode. If you are wondering what exactly is a tutorial, you can find it under the Help menu at the bottom of the screen. This is how you can get access to all the great stuff this game has to offer. You can play with the tutorial to learn the basics of tuning your vehicle, or you can simply use it to try out different configurations to get the adrenaline pumping. There are even a few secret areas that will let you gain extra points.

CSR Racing 2 is a must download if you love speed. This is the ultimate mobile modding adventure, where you can put your personal touch on every aspect of the game. If you are tired of the same cookie cutter themes being offered by most games, then this might be the mod for you. It is free to download the mod and you can start enjoying the rush of seeing your vehicle’s speed grow as you take virtual control of it.

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