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Dream Zone: Secrets of the Dream Zone Game Review

The Dream Zone is an online dating simulator and a multi-award winning series of fun interactive stories for men. Create your own character and decide your adventure. Search for your favourite love interest, flirt, create a fire in a steamy relationship or plunge into passionate, fast-paced sex – it’s all up to you! You will meet gorgeous women in the Dream Zone who are just waiting for you…

This is the free version of the award-winning Dream Zone mobile dating simulation. In this hi-tech adventure, you will get to live in the dream zones – that is to say, outer space or another dimension. You have to use your innovative mind to solve puzzles, fight enemies and find answers to important questions such as: “Who is my secret crush?”

The main character is Brandy, a special task force commando trained in several unconventional methods of fighting terrorists. Her best friend is Kyle, also a commando. Together they venture to different places where they encounter various challenges and puzzles. You could easily fall in love with Brandy if you like a cute, sassy female character. The male character in the game is called Alex, he is an engineer who loves to build machines.

The first attraction you will experience is when you meet Kyle, a mysterious, handsome guy. Aboard the spaceship, you will find other fascinating characters, including a flirtatious holographic hologram. There is also an intriguingly sexy holographic hologram with several gorgeous love interests. Some of them are being held prisoner within the ship, and you will have to save them before they escape. Other interesting characters include a chiselled robot and an evil trio of thieves, who have enchanted the Dream Zone with numerous treasures.

Some of the cards have different parts which you will have to activate in order to progress through the game. Once all the poses are done, you can look at the card and see the picture of your beloved love interests, and even more stunning love stories that are waiting to be uncovered. The different cards will help you to learn about sensual scenes which you would never discover anywhere else.

The Dream Zone Android and IOS apps will give you a chance to learn more about love, friendship, romance, relationships, and more. You can spend your free time between smartphone applications, learning more about the latest news, reviews, and tips on android devices or iPhones. In addition, you can also have fun with the interactive nature of the Dream Zone. Some of the popular attractions include: Finding your Love Spot, a Forest of Flowers & Animals, and many more exciting activities. You can choose one of the exciting activities, and enjoy it with your loved ones, while unlocking cute special quotes and the beauty of your Android device or iPhone.

Dream Zone is also a wonderful place where you can meet gorgeous love interests. If you wish to find your partner among a wide range of gorgeous people, the dating simulator will help you to uncover their secrets and meet some of the most interesting people. After learning more about the different people who you can date, you can decide whether to progress to the next stage. Some of the activities that you can indulge in include: Going for Sightseeing Adventures, Kissing Balloons, and other exciting adventures. You can also create your own fabulous profile, and begin searching for a partner.

Dream Zone: Secrets of the Dream Zone is an amazing and unique game, which keeps you hooked from the second you start the game to the end. This thrilling game has beautiful stories, multiple endings and lots of twists & turns. It’s also full of fantastic characters along with mind boggling moments. If you are looking for an unbelievable mystery thriller which keeps you hooked from the first few minutes to the last, then this is definitely the one for you. The amazing graphics and the multiple endings will leave you wanting more.

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