How to Get Hawkmoon in Destiny 2 Weapons Guide

If you’re looking for the best premium hand cannon in the game, you can start by reading this article on how to get Hawkmoon. This weapon has a hip-fire grip, which gives it a significant boost to accuracy. Also, this weapon has high Aim-assist values and Stability. If you’re looking for more information, check out our Destiny 2 Weapons Guide.

Hawkmoon is a premium hand cannon in Destiny 2

The Hawkmoon is a deadly hand cannon that’s found only in Destiny 2. This Exotic weapon returns from the first game with an intrinsic trait called “Paracausal Shot,” which adds a bonus damage on a final hit or precise kill. Stacks of Paracausal Charge are removed upon stowing the weapon on the final round.

The Hawkmoon is available from Xur’s store. This premium hand cannon costs 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, and one Ascendant Shard. It also comes with a random perk roll each week. It’s also available only after the Witch Queen expansion, so be sure to pick it up while you can!

To obtain the Hawkmoon, you’ll need to complete the Let Loose Thy Talons quest in As the Crow Flies. You’ll also need to kill Guardians to use the Hawkmoon. If you’re looking for easy Champion kills, try Legend & Master’s Lost Sectors. You can also try Crucible, where Mayhem is active.

The Hawkmoon is a hand cannon from the first Destiny. The Hawkmoon is one of the Exotics found in the game, but the quests to acquire it are no longer active. The Tangled Shore, a hidden dungeon, is also gone from Destiny 2. Hawkmoon is now a premium hand cannon in Destiny 2 Weapons Guide.

The Hawkmoon’s stats are comparable to Hawkmoon’s, but the best upgrades are Firefly, Field Scout, and Outlaw. Firefly gives you an advantage when it comes to damage while the Outlaw increases your magazine. Firefly deals good damage and edges out Hawkmoon in PvE. The Hawkmoon’s damage is high, but it’s not enough to overcome the Taken.

To obtain the Hawkmoon, you must talk to the Crow in Spider’s room. From there, you will need to travel to The Sludge and follow the creature through the area. Once you’ve completed this quest, return to the Crow and he’ll activate the rest of the quest. There’s a Hawkmoon Masterwork hand cannon in Destiny 2, and it’s the most powerful hand cannon in the game.

Hip-Fire Grip gives it a boost to accuracy

If you’re looking to improve the accuracy of your Hawkmoon, you need to equip the Hip-Fire Grip, which adds a boost to the weapon’s handling. This option grants the weapon a range boost and pairs well with the Rangefinder. Other options are the Fluted Barrel and Smallbore Rifling. While the latter offers a slight increase in handling and stability, the former can be a good choice for console players. The latter is recommended for controller players.

When equipping this perk, the Hawkmoon’s aim assists increase by 15%, which increases its overall accuracy. This boost is achieved by improving its accuracy through a combination of bullet magnetism and reticle friction. The hitbox width is dependent on the archetype and zoom level. The aim assist stat will increase your crit precision threshold, but you must adjust for its decay.

If you’re looking to improve your accuracy in Destiny 2, the Hip-Fire Grip is a great choice. It gives Hawkmoon a boost to accuracy, and is an essential part of the weapon’s arsenal. Its perks are great for long range play, but you can switch to a shorter scope for tighter situations.

The Hip-Fire Grip also grants the Hawkmoon a range boost. This bonus is great for PVP or PvE. While it increases range and accuracy, it also improves your handling. Additionally, it boosts accuracy when you aim down sights. This means the Hawkmoon is even more accurate as your health decreases.

Another good choice for a power handgun is the Ancient Gospel. This unique 140 RPM hand cannon has great stats. If you’re a fan of Destiny, you might remember Palindrome from the previous games. It has the highest base stats of any 140 RPM hand cannon. With the right perks, you can roll some excellent rolls.

As for PvP, you might want to invest in a Shotgun or Fusion Rifle. Both of these weapons are great, but I wouldn’t recommend them over a straight damage perk on a legendary. Xur’s legendary weapons are not the best choice, but they are both capable of great damage. Aside from range and accuracy, they also come with the Handling Masterwork, which adds to their utility.


When we first started playing Destiny 2, the Hawkmoon was one of the most effective PvP weapons. While it has been nerfed to a large degree, it still possesses flashes of its former lethality. That said, Hawkmoon is still a solid Hand Cannon for PvE play, even if it does have its issues. This Destiny 2 weapons guide will explain how to maximize the weapon’s PvE potential.

One of the most unique aspects of this Exotic Hand Cannon is the randomness of its appearance. Unlike the other Exotics in Destiny 2, Hawkmoon will randomly drop different appearances when you equip it. That means you’ll get a different one every time you use it. You don’t need to worry about losing it either! Just make sure to find five golden feathers for it to unlock its full potential.

When it comes to boosting the Hawkmoon’s range, the two most popular barrels are Smallbore and Hammer Forged Rifling. While these barrels give the weapon a significant boost in range and handling, they also add a small penalty to its overall stability. However, the Smallbore barrels improve accuracy and range on opening shots and zoom while aiming down sights. Compared to these barrels, the Hawkmoon’s performance progressively becomes more accurate as health drops.

While the Hawkmoon’s range and damage is relatively unchanged, the Hawkmoon’s Luck in the Chamber trait has been scaled down to 1.2x. This removes the two headshot kill guarantee in PvP, but the bonus damage remains in effect when targeting targets with zero armor investment or those already weakened. The Hawkmoon’s ultimate ability to deal extra damage makes it the ideal weapon for PvE.

The Hawkmoon is a free weapon in the game, so it is highly recommended for those players looking for a good weapon. Its high damage and durability make it a great choice for snipers and other classes. Ultimately, the Hawkmoon is a solid choice for every Destiny 2 player, and we hope that Bungie will bring it back to its former glory.

Aim-assist values

Aim-assist values for HawkMoon in Destiny 2 Weapons Guide should be based on the weapon’s actual stats, rather than a game-specific setting. Aim-assist values for the Hawkmoon are listed below. Each of these settings is important to your overall performance. Choosing the right weapon for your character is crucial, as certain weapons will have different advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the Hawkmoon’s range stat is higher than the average of any other class, but this does not affect its damage output. In addition, the Hawkmoon is great for PVP, as it provides excellent handling and accuracy. It is a highly versatile weapon, which can be used by many players.

The Hawkmoon has a niche of its own in Destiny 2. Its base range was so high that it could pick off most Snipers and Scout Rifle users, and it had the potential to even defeat the mighty Thorn. With enough experience and practice, it can even win the game when wielded by a skilled Guardian. However, the Hawkmoon has been toned down in recent patch updates, and it’s no longer an optimal weapon to use on the battlefield.

The Hawkmoon is an exotic 140 RPM Hand Cannon. It is a powerful weapon that delivers a satisfying sound and has excellent stats. It also has some very nice perks, including Random Bullets, which increase the Hawkmoon’s power directly. However, despite its PvP potential, Hawkmoon is a poor choice for most players.

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