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If you are unsure of how to start playing Last Cloudia, there are some basic things you need to know. Listed below are some helpful hints. These characters will give you a leg up over your rivals. We will go over the Plot and Characters in the game, as well as the Reroll tier list. Hopefully, these tips will help you start enjoying this game and make the most of the rewards it has to offer.

Characters in Last Cloudia

Whether you’re looking for a hero to help you in combat or want to customize your party with unique skills, you can find them all in Last Cloudia. There are three tiers of characters: A, B, and C. The top-tier characters have a wide range of skills, while the B and C tier characters are less powerful but still provide a valuable service to your team.

A Tier list is the best way to organize your character. It focuses on how flexible characters are in relation to their levels. A character with the lowest tier is almost useless and may not serve your needs during the game’s story. It is best to start off with the stronger characters and increase their levels later. As long as they are accessible and have a high level of stats, you should be fine. But make sure you’re not using weak characters to enjoy the game.

The last Cloudia tier list helps you understand the abilities and weaknesses of each character. This helps you choose the character that suits your play style. In addition, the tier list helps you select the right Units. The Last Cloudia game was released on April 15, 2019. AIDIS created and published the game. It is currently available for iOS, Android, and Windows. There are also a few limited edition characters, so make sure to check the tier list before selecting your favorite character.

As for the different tiers, there are a number of characters in each tier. The S tier is for characters who are the best in PVP, Tower, and Adventure. Generally, these characters are more powerful, but are not very effective in combat. It is recommended that you start out with S tier characters and move up from there. You can always choose your partner from the lower tiers later on.

Rei: This magical unit is a melee attack. Rei can heal your party members with her fast attacks and her small AoE attack. She can also use her lightning attack to deal damage to enemies. In addition to dealing damage to enemies, Rei has a high crit rate on her spells and can recover damage taken by opponents. Although Rei has a low INT and MP, she’s the most versatile melee fighter in the game.


The world in the game of Last Cloudia has been overrun with monsters and the God of Ruin has sealed himself away in the world. The god is no longer able to harm the world, but he is still powerful enough to strike back with his lightning powers. In order to save the world, he must unite the people of Granzelia and defeat the god of Ruin. This storyline involves many different characters, from the hulking beast Rei to the young knight Kyle.

The story of Last Cloudia is similar to that of the Grand Summoners series, but it is more structured and compelling. This is because the plot is given more importance than the combat or the Gacha elements in the game. In this way, the story is the core of the game. Plotlines are an important part of a game’s success and Last Cloudia’s has one of the best in the genre.

The story of Last Cloudia takes place in a fictional world called Granzelia, a world where men and beasts live side-by-side. Loug Zeus is a god who was overthrown in order to bring healing to Granzelia. The plot focuses around Kyle and his companion Rei, both humans and beasts. Despite the fact that the story is based on a myth, it is still very much a fun and exciting experience.

The game features over one hundred character classes, with each character having exceptional skills. The game also provides a complete tier list, which makes the game a great place for new players to start. The game is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows PCs. The game features fast-paced combat and a mighty gacha system. It also includes a short movie welcoming players. And what is even better than this?

The story is quite engaging, and it is easy to become attached to your character. While the game has a lot of similarities with other games, it manages to stay different and unique. Aside from the great story, Last Cloudia also offers a lot of gameplay. In fact, its gacha system is one of the most unique aspects of the game. It is also easy to master and can prove to be very helpful during most fights.


There are many different ways to play and level up characters in Cloudia, but one of the most effective ways is to learn about the different tier lists for characters. In the game, characters are divided into six tiers, and Tier S characters are considered the most powerful. Conversely, characters in the lower tiers are not very useful for combat. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the best character for your needs in the game.

When it comes to role-playing games, immersion is essential and Last Cloudia is no exception. The game’s sprawling plot and quirky characters help immerse players in its world, and cinematic effects add to the experience. Last Cloudia has a comprehensive tier list for people, objects, and items. You can also use this tier list to determine which characters are best for your playstyle.

Kyle Silverstar is the main protagonist of the game. He has pale skin and dark hair. He often dresses in red clothes and wears fingerless gloves, and has a sword trained by Davan. He hails from Rador and grew up with Rei. In addition to a powerful sword, Kyle can also increase the crit rate of spells. However, his short HP and low MP makes it difficult to use him in a battle situation.

Last Cloudia is a free-to-play mobile action role-playing game developed by AIDIS. The game takes place in a land where humans and magical creatures coexist peacefully. It also takes place in the Aldana Empire. The game’s characters can be classified into six groups. Here’s a quick look at each character’s strengths and weaknesses:

Reroll tier list

Reroll tier lists in RPGs are extremely important. They tell you whether or not you’ve been favoured in your first pull and need to reroll. In Last Cloudia, the Arks are just as important as top-tier Units. They can be equipped on any Unit and teach other players new skills. Last Cloudia is AIDIS’ entry into the gacha-RPG genre, and it features a wistful world and white-knuckle combat.

Despite being weaker than other characters in the game, characters in the A Tier are still very good. If you’re an experienced gacha player, you can create compositions around them. A Tier characters are also useful for building a set around. They are a good choice if you don’t want to risk the high level of the characters in other tiers. Nevertheless, if you’re going to play Last Cloudia for fun, don’t use a character in the E tier.

The Reroll tier list for Last Cloudie is a very useful tool for players to find high-tier units easily. You can use the list to customize your character’s Unit and playstyle. It also helps you get the perfect roll. The tier list in Last Cloudia is updated for 2022, so you can find the latest version. Keep in mind that this tier list is for Android, and iOS users will need to reinstall the game to reroll.

The Last Cloudia reroll tier list can change frequently, due to the game’s meta and character evolution. Check back often for updates. Once you’ve found the best tier list, you can continue playing. You might even be able to get a decent unit that hasn’t been pulled yet. But if you’re not that lucky, you can try the Reroll tier list for Last Cloudia.

Rerolling characters can be time-consuming and frustrating, so it’s recommended to use a reroll guide to help you choose the best reroll unit. The game is generous in the beginning, but you’ll need to spend some time to do this. The best time to reroll is when mana collab begins. Collab units tend to stay in the meta for a while, so it’s recommended to use it as a time-based strategy.

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