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Before you download My Child Lebensborn, make sure you have an active iTunes account. The iOS App Store will require you to register with a credit card. If you do not have a credit card, simply choose the option ‘None’ when you register. Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to select the app and begin playing. After the app download is complete, you can follow the on-screen instructions to install My Child Lebensborn.

Game mechanics

The game is a social simulation where you play as a parent. As a parent, you are responsible for pacifying your lebensborn child so that they can live happily in the world. You will also be required to survive hostile environments and find ways to help your child. The game is available in several languages, including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean. The game mechanics are designed to let you choose the activities that will benefit your child the most.

As a substitute parent, your job in the game is to look after the basic needs of your child. Whether you want to feed your child, give it a bath, or simply help it with homework, you need to keep an eye on his or her needs in order to ensure he or she remains happy and healthy. Your child’s stats will help you determine what action to take in a given situation. If you choose the right actions, the game will also give you a clearer idea of how your child will react.

My Child Lebensborn is a game that is designed for iOS and Android. Despite its limited availability on iOS, it has received good reviews from critics. The game can take four to six hours to complete, depending on how many times you choose to play. However, it is recommended that you have a device with at least 4GB of free space on it. If you don’t have a mobile device, you can download My Child Lebensborn on iOS by visiting a third-party website. This method is not always safe, as third-party sources are not verified by Google, which can lead to the infection of your device.

In My Child Lebensborn on iOS, you can adopt a child who has been affected by World War II. You can either adopt an orphaned child, but remember that your decisions affect your child’s development. You will find that you can spend a great deal of your free time with your child, and you can influence their life and character. If you want your child to grow up to be a good person, your child will need a supportive environment.



The storyline in My Child Lebensborn on iOS is akin to a more realistic version of Tamagotchi. Players manage a small child’s resources and their environment. The game also features a realistic narrative that reflects the problems of bullying in school. Your character often returns home in a gloomy mood, as a result of the bullying. You can even choose to help the child in the game by purchasing clothes and food.

As you progress through the day, you can spend Time Units on activities that will benefit your child. These activities include shopping, taking care of your child, playing games, and interacting with your neighborhood. You can also receive messages from other users, which you can use to stay up to date with what’s going on. In order to keep your child clean, you can spend a Time Unit on bathing. Bathing will increase the child’s happiness.

The storyline in My Child Lebensborn on iOS will have you dealing with the heavy burden of the German occupation, as well as the emotions that accompany it. You’ll need to support the child through a defining year in their life, and help them overcome the challenges they face. The game is made with this in mind and is available on iOS and Android devices. It is a great game for gamers of all ages, so get it now and let it change the world.

The My Child Lebensborn storyline is one of the most powerful features of the game. The game’s graphics are excellent and convey the hardships of post-war Norway. In fact, some of the scenes of the game are so poignant and sad that you’ll feel the pain and suffering in the characters. While the game is an excellent first experience, be prepared to deal with a lot of heavy emotional scenes.

Adoption process

Unlike many simulation games, My Child Lebensborn on iOS takes a different approach to the adoption process. Players are placed in the role of a substitute parent who must take care of a child’s basic needs. The game requires players to monitor various aspects of their child’s life, including hunger, hygiene, and happiness. This type of game is very emotional, so players will want to know as much about this process as possible.

The gameplay in My Child Lebensborn on iOS revolves around raising a child who has suffered sexual abuse from a teacher. The child is severely traumatized by the rape, shutting down and refusing to eat. It’s like a platonic version of a relationship-salvaging disaster, wherein Mr. Solheim’s tenure at the school prompts Liv to try and befriend the child once more. While the child can seem to be a difficult case to deal with, the game also teaches the players how to choose their words carefully.

My Child Lebensborn is a harrowing, albeit enthralling game. It puts players in the position of adoptive parents, who are attempting to make a life for the child. The game has a realistic feel to it, but some gamers may find it too much of a challenge. The game’s graphics are beautifully rendered and bring the heartbreaking storyline to life. The game is based on real events in Norway, during World War II. It tackles some very heavy topics, including trauma and school bullying.

The adoption process for My Child Lebensborn on iOS is a tough one. Players must balance resources and time to raise their child. As adoptive parents, they must balance the demands of a new family while answering difficult questions. The game also asks players to confront a legacy of German trade. By making the right decisions, children will grow up with a positive worldview. It’s not uncommon for children to become deeply polarized.

My Child Lebensborn on iOS is an emotional journey through the lives of these rescued children. Players must decide whether to accept their child’s new family or reject it. In addition, the game features many touch-sensitive scenes. Its dark, sombre theme will likely appeal to gamers. Its story is based on actual events that occurred during World War II. You can make decisions based on the child’s personality, the game’s setting, and other aspects of the story.


My Child Lebensborn is a social simulation game for iOS. You take on the role of a foster parent, helping a young boy or girl navigate the challenges of growing up in Norway after World War II. The game is full of emotional trauma, and its realistic portrayal of this experience has been met with a lot of praise. The gameplay is also relatively short, with only a few customizations and features.

As the game is a simulation, the gameplay is based on Time Units, which you use to progress through the day. Each activity takes a certain amount of time, and you must spend these time wisely. Other aspects of the game include keeping your child clean, and completing tasks such as bathing will cost you a time unit. While bathing your child will cost you some time, it will benefit the child in the long run.

The gameplay of My Child Lebensborn on iOS is not that complicated. Depending on your skill level, you can progress through the day by performing different activities, such as taking care of your child. In the end, you must do everything in your power to ensure your child’s survival, and you must choose wisely. You can also select different languages to play the game, including Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

As a foster parent, you will play a role of a foster parent, ensuring your adopted child is properly taken care of. You will need to decide on answers to the questions that your child will ask, and ensure that your child is fed and cared for. As the foster parent, you will need to take time to interact with your child, and you will also need to make decisions that will help them grow into the person they are meant to be.

My Child Lebensborn is a free game for iOS and Android. It features a variety of choices, from what to eat and where to go, and what to do in your free time. As the child grows, you will be able to build an emotional attachment to him or her and shape his or her future as the child’s parent. This way, you can create a balance between leniency and strictness.

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