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Modern Warships is the most realistic simulation of a ships combat that is available on the market. The game will actually make you feel as the captain of a real navy! All game models are designed strictly following the blueprints of actual ships and thus look and sound like authentic vessels. The game also has lots of advanced weaponry and very much attention is paid to cannon and missile battles.

Modern Warships is well balanced and offers many challenges to players. It’s a fast action game with plenty of sea battles. There are various difficulty levels, from beginner to expert, which suits all players. The complexity of the game varies according to the type of game – standard, scenario, or multiplayer.

As a player looking for an extremely realistic online action game in the sea, Modern Warships is a great choice. The game comes with many historical places and battles, many of them quite real. The depth of the game is huge with lots of content. There is also a huge number of downloads to keep players interested.

There is also a massive help file and detailed information on various topics. The ship tiers and technical details are given step by step in the help file. The forum is active and provides players with solutions to questions and problems. There is also a large number of blogs discussing different aspects of the game and things which are of interest to players.

Google Play has several games available including Modern Warships. Google Play allows users from all over the world to access the Android application. This application uses the Android platform to run the games. Users need to have a rooted android phone to be able to play Modern Warships and other Google Play games. A Google account is required in order to be able to log on to the Android game services and access the various features available.

Players can construct their own ships in the game using the in-built blueprint system. Players can also buy new weapons and equipments to equip their ships. Players can also upgrade their ships and add more crew members to their crew. Upgrading the ships increases their speed and maneuverability but they also increase the storage space available for storing their weapons, armor and services. Each level of the game brings in new upgrades which allow players to become more powerful than they were at the beginning.

The battle system of the game Modern Warships is based on real time strategy games like that of World War 2. Modern Warships has three distinctive style of gameplay: the simulation of a battleship battle, the simulation of destroyers as well as carriers and the third is the play with the camera or Third Eye. All these games are made according to the specifications of the players and they are all available for free on Google play.

Players can find information about the different modules available in the game Modern Warships through the in-built links. These include the historical information, the background of the game and the technology used to build the modern fighting ships are waiting for you. Visit the Google play website to know more about Modern Warships and other Google Play games.

Google also announced that from this month onwards, all players can access the Android Market from their Google Play app. This will enable users of android devices to access games hosted by Google Play. Players will get the latest information about the Google Play marketplace and be able to know the availability of the games that they can play. You will be able to find plenty of games like simulation of the famous battles at sea, building your own admiral ships, sail the magnificent ocean liners and become the captain of a modern battleship. You can buy and download these games to your android phone from the Google Play Store. Players can test these apps before they can play them on their android devices.

Each player starts with one of four starting slots which provide them with three types of ships namely the Amphibious, the Frigate and the Cruiser. As you progress through the game, you will come across new ships which allow you to choose from the remaining five slots. You can change your ship type as you proceed in the game and thus you can change your strategy according to the type of opponent you will face.

Players also have the option to customize their captains by changing their skin color and re-positioning their crew on the various bays. New players have the liberty of choosing between various tech trees such as Aircraft, Weapons and Electronics. Players can research modules of their choosing and purchase more powerful versions of existing ones to beef up their armaments. These can include new missile types and boarding abilities for your ships. New technology can also be added to the game which will allow players to attack and defend against an equal number of technologically superior opponents.

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