Spyzie Overview

Spyzie is a free iPhone spyware removal application which helps in the identification and removal of malicious applications running on your iPhone. Spyzie gathers all the data you require about the particular mobile phone being monitored. The software gained the confidence of over a thousand users, and thus how it does not hesitate. It comes with almost 30 additional features that ensure you a superior tracking service.

Spyzie targets mostly the spying applications which monitor calls made, text messages sent and the location of your target device. Spyzie application installs itself secretly into the target device, without your knowledge or permission. Spyzie program then monitors all the activities done on that particular mobile device. It also reports on minute by minute basis to its administrator via an online website. Moreover, Spyzie also offers other facilities such as recording video and audio secretly from your target device and report on that recorded video and audio on an online site as well.

Spyzie download prevents your iPhone from being hacked because it scans the web contents on your device for passwords and user names, and reports on those matters too. Spyzie can be used both privately and publicly. If you are worried about your children getting access to your private data and emails on the iPhone, then Spyzie will help you a lot. Spyzie application monitors and records all the websites visited by your kids, even if they are not supposed to be viewing any such site. Moreover, Spyzie can monitor your browsing history and report on them to you too.

Spyzie can be considered as a superior product and application when it comes to monitoring your children. Spyzie is capable of keeping a track of all the websites visited by your children even when you are not present in front of your iPhone. The application does not require any extra fee even when your children change the browser settings. Spyzie also reports about any changes made in your browsing history and other information about you through the internet.

Spyzie download does not require any additional fee when it comes to monitoring your call history. This feature lets you obtain a complete report on all the calls that were made and received on your iPhone by logging into the application. When this feature is used, you will get a report containing the date and time you called the person. Spyzie offers a free subscription for unlimited access to its database. The subscription costs are much lower than the cost of Spyzie itself and you do not have to worry about missing any calls or messages from your target device.

Spyzie has a comprehensive collection of over 4000 apps. The biggest advantage of Spyzie is that it is very easy to install and use. Once you download the application from the official iPhone store, you do not have to spend time in finding suitable apps to put on your target device. The extensive database of apps helps users make the right decision while browsing.

Spyzie works by allowing you to view your call history, browse your web browsing history and read emails and text messages from your target phone. In this way, you can keep track of your every move and actions. Spyzie offers you great convenience. Apart from monitoring your target phone, you can easily download apps and load them to your dashboard without any hassle. The dashboard provides the access you want to all the apps you have installed on your phone.

Spyzie allows you to use any type of GPS technology for tracking. It comes as a free download from the app store once you register with the website. You will need a mobile phone that supports the GPS technology to be able to track your target device. Spyzie comes installed with a GPS chip that tracks your movement. If you are not on a smart phone, Spyzie also comes installed with an app that will allow you to view your call log and other activities from your device. With Spyzie, you are given complete control over what you do on your smartphone.

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