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Subway Surfers Game Review

Subway Surfers is an addictive but simple runner game that features gripping and smooth gameplay. In this game, you will be playing as an aspiring artist who on his long run away from his evil counterpart, the police man and his vicious dog. Guide your dog on all the different routes while avoiding the traps and obstacles in front of you. Collect all the coins as well as the stars to unlock the next level. This game is available for free as an iPod app and you can also get it for iPhone and iPad.

Subway Surfers is available as a part of the Subway Surfers app which is available for Iphone and iPad. In this game, you will use a multitude of tools to make your journey through the subway fun and exciting. As an example, there are flying subway toys that allow you to glide on the moving platforms. There are also flying trash bins which you can crash into to earn the necessary points. You can also collect all the coins as well as the stars in this game. The more points you earn while you complete the levels, the more powerful versions of the subways appear that will help you move on to the next level.

You can even purchase new power ups and weapons to use against the enemy Subway Surfers and win the game. These power ups include the Bull Shark, Boom Box and Mr. Boom. These toys are available as app purchases as well as being available at any of the Subway Surfers retail locations. You can also earn special prizes such as the Mr. Boom which can be used to buy the moving cars in the game. These prizes are only available during special promotions and are not available everywhere.

This is an exciting game for both kids and adults. It has been designed so that kids of all ages can enjoy it. The colors are bright and the overall design is great. The controls of Subway Surfers are easy to understand and will not be frustrating for either kids or adults. The actual Crash Team Racing feeling will not take you out of breath but will instead make you feel excited and invigorated as you go through the various challenges and levels of the game.

The Subway Surfers game is very diverse due to the various play styles and levels that can be reached while playing the game. The focus of the game is to rescue the adorable pixel boy who is stranded on the desert island with no way to return to earth. There are five different playable surfers in the game; there is the standard surfer who runs through the subway system, there is the tank man who can shoot bullets from his hand, there is the pilot who flies through the sky and there is the snowboard rider who can do a variety of trick jumps and boost himself up into the air. Each of the five unique playable surfers have their own strengths and weaknesses and the player has to use those strengths and weaknesses to make sure that they are able to rescue the pixel boy before time runs out. In order to win, each level must be completed as fast as possible and any failure means that the game will end and your progress in the game will be stopped.

The gameplay of the game revolves around rescuing the little pixel by making use of your jet pack and also your parachute. You can also use the various weapons that are available throughout the levels as well as collecting money that helps to buy the needed power ups as well as weapons for the different surfers that you have available to help you out in your mission. When playing the game the screen shows a quick view of the whole screen giving you a good overview of what is going on at the present moment as you are trying to save the little pixel. The main objective of the game is to hit as many targets as possible within the timeframe given and also to try and avoid getting hit by any stationary oncoming trains.

Although there are many people that have criticized the storyline of Subway Surfers as being unoriginal and moreover uninteresting, the game certainly provides for lots of options and routes through the levels. You can easily select the best path for yourself and then earn money for it as well. The different upgrades that you can purchase in the game make it more interesting and the challenges become harder as you progress through the game. If you feel that you need more of a challenge you can unlock the endless runner cheat that gives you unlimited lives in order to try and master this game as your skills improve.

There are a number of people that rate games according to the overall graphics and storyline but many of the Subway Surfers players have rated this game according to the excellent and varied gameplay. The game is played in 3D which gives a very cool and lively experience. The graphics are very varied and cartoon like and help to create an unusual appeal to the player that is not found in other games. It has been rated with an average user score of 70 and many are surprised at the excellent and unique gameplay that is in this game.

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